Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ€” I cannot display the widget in my store. What is wrong here?

First please be sure that one of the counters is enabled there. Then, please check the points below:
  • If you use the real data for the stock counter and choose "Show the available stock data if it is less than" X, the widget only displays on this condition. You cannot see the app if the product does not meet those criteria.
  • Please check if you click to display the widget for all products or custom products.
  • Do not forget to enable the app in your store. Otherwise, you cannot display the app there.
  • If you are sure that there is no problem above, please reach out to us [email protected] because the app might need customization for your theme.
In case you choose to use the real stock data:
  • If the item is sold out, the stock counter widget does not display there.
  • If the quantity is not tracked in Shopify settings for that product, the stock counter widget does not display there.
In case you choose to use the generated stock data:
  • If the item is sold out, the stock counter widget does not display there.

πŸ–Ό I would like to display the widgets only for specific items. Is it possible?

Yes, sure! Please select products that you want to display the widgets on from the filter in the settings section. The app only will be displayed there!

πŸ“¦ I would like to show only my low stock. How can I do that?

It is so simple with HeyMerch Sales & Stock Counter. Just click the hide button on the Sales Counter section and be sure that the show button is clicked on the Stock Counter section.

πŸ”₯ I only want to display my sales volume for a specific product. Is it possible?

You can display sales volume for all products or any specific product you want.

🀩 Can I change the emojis?

Yes, sure! Feel free to add any emoji you like either from our dropdown menu or in the text area by using your own keyboard/copy&paste.

πŸ”’ Can I change the formats of the texts and numbers?

You can change the color & size of the text and number. You are welcome to choose a color from the palette or you can add your custom color.

🏷 Can I show Low Stock Counter and Sales Counter at the same time?

Yes, you can! Just be sure you enable both.

🧐 Does the app work for Online Store 2.0?

Yes! HeyMerch Stock and Sales counter works for Online Store 2.0. You need to follow below:
  1. 1.
    Go to one of the product pages
  2. 2.
    On the left side navigation, click the "Add block" in the "Product information" section
  3. 3.
    Please choose HeyMerch Counter, then drag and drop wherever you want.

πŸ‘• Does the app support if a product has variants?

Yes! No problem! The app can check the inventory based on each variant and display the stock level accordingly.

πŸ”‘ I just want to give a text message, is it possible to hide the number?

Yes! You can hide the number if you want to give a message just by text. The way is a little tricky. If you make number size 0, the number will not be shown. You can check the use cases section to get some tips to use our app differently.

πŸš€How can I publish it app if my store theme is not "Online 2.0"?

Please go to the "theme editor", click "theme settings" and then " app embed". You see Hey Counter App there! Switch our app on and see our app in action on your product page!