Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the solution to some frequent problems.

🪞Why is the widget appearing multiple times on the product page? | Multiplication issue

The widget you created and the app activated has been appearing multiple times on your product page. Don't worry, fixing it is simple. The cause of this issue is that the app has been activated multiple times.
There are two options for Online 2.0 Stores. One is via the "Add Block " and the other one is via "App Embeds". However, you need to enable only one of the options and disable the other one to prevent multiplication issues.
Please follow the basic steps listed below to only activate the app via app embeds.
  • Start by accessing the theme editor.
  • Under the product section, choose "Default product."
  • Disable the app from the add block section by clicking the eye icon (1).
  • Then enable the app again from the theme settings -> app embeds section (2).
  • Do not forget to click the save button after the changes.
Please check the guide if you need more details.
Disable "Add Block", enable "App Embeds"

How to deactivate a widget?

In the app, you can turn a widget on or off from the banner list page by simply flipping the switch.
Easy widget activation

😳 My store theme is online 2.0 but I cannot drag the app. What should I do?

While we offer the Online 2.0 drag-and-drop feature, some themes may not provide the option to place the app in a preferred location. However, don't fret! You can still position the app above the "Add to Cart" button.
To position, the widget above the add to cart button, first, disable it in the "Add Block" section, then enable it in the "App Embeds" section.
Refer to the steps outlined in the section on "Multiplication issue."